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Pit Powder


This all natural Deodorant really works!

It is made with pure simple ingredients that are very effective in preventing smelly pits! Works great when your hormones change during and after pregnancy. Take it from a mom who knows!

It does not prevent sweating which the body needs to do to be healthy. It will not clog your pores. Does NOT contain aluminum! Antiperspirant almost always contains some form of aluminum (aluminum chlorohydrate, Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex, etc.). Use a natural deodorant instead. Remember, odor is caused primarily by bacteria. If you kill the bacteria, you eliminate the odor.

Consider the following info: The Sunday Times (11th January 2004) reports that the strongest link yet identified between the use of antiperspirants and rising rates of breast cancer has been revealed in a new study. According to new research carried out by Philippa Darbre, a lecturer in cellular and molecular biology at Reading University, chemicals known as parabens which are used as preservatives in underarm cosmetics have been detected in human tumors.

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Research suggests that parabens, most commonly found in spray-on deodorants, can be absorbed directly into the skin and are also thought to disrupt hormones in ways that can lead to cancer. There are potential risks of long-term use of deodorants and the possible dangers of excessive use by teenagers.

Why gamble with your health and that of those you love? Try our all-natural deodorant powder and be amazed at how well it works! Comes packed in a refillable, reusable, recyclable tin with a deluxe velour powder puff. Refills are available.

Four scents are offered: Rose, Lavender, Cedarwood-sage or Unscented. Only 100% pure essential oils are used. Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, pure essential oils.

"The Cancer-Antiperspirant 'Myth'" CBS News 12/5/2005

Where an immunologist and instructor at Northwestern University, who has been intrigued by a potential breast cancer link since medical school expresses his belief that there is a very strong correlation between the underarm hygiene habits and breast cancer (read more)

"Sweating Over Antiperspirants?" CBS News 12/6/2005

Follow up to the 12/5/2005 show discussing alternatives to antiperspirant. (read more)


"I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sending that sample Pit Powder!!! I absolutely love it - it is working fabulously for me. That is some kick ass stuff."

Korin C., CA

"I cant believe it. Im at day three and Im still not stinky. You have made me a happy girl! Ill be stretching this as long as possible. Its great! Thank you!"

Johanna B., CA

"You rock! I used it Wednesday and Thursday, admittedly cooler days around these parts, but I can still tell the difference. Its working great! I love it! I like the puff idea, because it makes application quick and the coverage is probably better and more even than if I did it by hand. The stuff works so well - way better than junk Ive been paying for over the past years. The scent factor is great, too. Its enough that I can enjoy it while Im putting the powder on, but its not so much that I feel like Im wearing a scent intentionally throughout the day. Excellent!! Thank you!"

Rachel R., OR

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